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Looking Good In Print

Other than games, the earliest applications for microcomputers were word processors. And why not? It was a task that just about everyone needed to perform and a task that the computer could do well. That is, do well up to a point. The computer could cut, copy and paste text at the users discretion but the final appearance of the document depended on the users skill.

For many years I have been using YeahWrite for my business correspondence. YeahWrite was first released in 16 and 32 bit versions for Windows back in 1997. It was upgraded several times , the last release, version 1.7, being in 2002. On Linux it runs well with WINE. It comes in two versions, a full featured payware version and a lighter free version. Most likely the free version will meet your needs, if not the shareware fee is about $20. YeahWrite is a “fill in the blanks” word processor. Basically it’s a collection of integrated templates. You choose how the final document should look and simply insert your text. The program does all the formatting work for you. Your final document can’t help but look professional.

That said, while YeahWrite has enough options for most daily needs, wouldn’t it be nice to have a collection of templates for nearly every task a modern word processor is capable of? There is such a collection. Microsoft provides it for free for Microsoft Office users. You can find it here.  Search for the template that suits your needs. The site will complain that you are using an incompatible operating system. Simply ignore the warning. You can download the template in Microsoft cab format. This is not the problem you might think it is.

The Linux program ‘cabextract ‘ is available in most repositories or can be downloaded from Softpedia. As its name implies cabextract will extract the files in the Microsoft cabinet file. The extracted template will be a Microsoft Word template file (.dot). This file can be opened and used by OpenOffice. Now isn’t that nice? Thank You Microsoft. And thanks to the developer of cabextract!

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