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A few months ago (April) I published an article about the game of Dominoes. It was really really “off topic” for the computer related theme of this blog, but it reflects one of my many other interests and it needed to be posted somewhere. I could have posted it on wordpress.com but I doubt it would have gotten much traffic. This blog is hosted on a provider to whom I must pay a fee. I own the domain name, bytesandsuch.com, and the provider has the ability to install numerous blogging, content management systems or user designed web pages. I am allowed to include advertising, which I do, and hopefully it will provide some revenue. which it doesn’t (yet). Many thousands of bloggers do it this way.

A new service may change the way we do things. Chi.mp is a new breed of a social networking site. If you join the chi.mp site (free) you are given a domain name ending in .mp. You own the name and you can publish various things including photos and blogs on your own web page. The site is a member of the OpenID project and currently integrates with Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and others. This means you need only to log on to your own domain and have access to all the others. I saw an immediate use for this service. I could use it to blog my “off topic” posts. I could still use the bytesandsuch Twitter account to notify my readers of a new article. Yesterday, I took it for a test run.

I signed up for an account using my real name. My domain name (and URL) is donbirdsall.mp. Then I decided to publish my very good chili recipe. I had some problems with the blog editor. It was not exactly WYSIWYG. I used the Tab key to straighten out some formatting. Unfortunately, the tab key simply inserted several non breaking spaces into the code. The final page (temporarily) looked crappy. Fortunately, the blog editor does allow accessing and editing the HTML and in just a few minutes I was able to achieve an acceptable page. As the service is still in BETA I regard this as a minor inconvenience. Finally, I tweeted my followers with a link to the blog.

I have a couple of unanswered questions. How much content can I upload at the current price (FREE)?  Will my site get cluttered with advertising? These questions are not critical, at least not now, to my use of this service. If you try it, why not comment on this article and include your .mp domain name?

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  1. Reply Laurel Aug 27,2009 10:51 pm

    Dear Don,

    We’re glad you signed up for chi.mp! I just wanted to answer your unanswered questions…then I’m going to go make your chili recipe because I’m hungry!

    What you see is what you get. We will not charge you for the offerings that are available on your chi.mp site. If anything, we will offer premium services in the future.

    We will not force cluttered advertising on your public facing pages on your http://donbirdsall.mp/ without your consent.

    My domain is http://laurel.mp. Feel free to send any questions to us over at support@chi.mp.


    Laurel Boylen
    Community Director


    http://blog.chi.mp/bbpress (frequently asked questions)
    http://blog.chi.mp (our blog)

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