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The Screen Resolution Bug Resurfaces in Fedora

A few weeks ago I posted an article titled ‘Konstipated Koala‘ in which I documented an Ubuntu 9.10 bug that limits screen resolution to 800X600 for some machines with Intel drivers. In the article I gave links to other articles that would provide enough information to enable a work-around to the problem. Since that post there have been some surprises.

In reading another blog I found a GNU/Linux user who tried to install Mint on a friend’s machine. That user encountered the 800X600 limit and for him, it was a show stopper. So… the bug is not limited to Koala. No, not at all.

Today I downloaded a livecd of Fedora 12 (Constantine) and ‘burned’ the iso to a bootable USB stick. Guess what? Constatine is constipated too. Yes, that’s a pun but it’s fitting. The resolution bug is not confined to Ubunu or its derivatives. Once again I could not achieve a screen resolution greater than 800X600. I am not a regular Fedora user but, as the work-around described in the earlier post relies on some Unix commands and not Ubuntu itself, I would expect that affected Fedora users could use the same fix.

What do Koala and Constantine have in common? Could it be the ‘new’ Intel video drivers that both distros have adopted? This is just a guess, but I do know that a huge number of users have boxes with Intel drivers and that enough users are encountering the bug so as to mention it in blogs!

Developers… let’s get this damned thing fixed!

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