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To Tweak or Not to Tweak?

Ubuntu-tweak has been upgraded to version .5x. A deb installer can be found here. Similarily, a deb installer for ailurus can be found here. These two applications are similar in nature, and duplicate a few functions. Both can be used to customize your Ubuntu/GNOME installation quite a bit. Both purport to make the learning of Linux easier. I like both of these apps, but I don’t think either should target Ubuntu ‘newbies’.

Back in the days when I was a student, I always wondered if classmates who took copious amounts of notes ever really learned anything. It’s much the same with learning Linux. You can copy and paste a lot of commands but that is just blindly making changes. It is not learning.

Apply a tweak in the same way that you would use the command line. You should never issue a command until you understand exactly what it is doing. Neither should a tweak be applied unless the user completely understands its effects. I have pointed out before that the GNOME configuration editor is purposely not enabled in the menus to avoid newbies from messing up their desktop. And if you do tweak, I would strongly advise keeping a record of it in case strange events start occuring at a later date. I practice what I preach, and believe me, good notes have saved my day numerous times.

Tweak only with caution!

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