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How To Have A Personal Server In The Cloud

Last September I posted an article about Money Manager Ex. At the time of the post the devolper, Codelathe, promised a “cloud based” version of this great application. They have done that and considerably more. The name of the application is “Tonido”. It is cross platform, you can download versions of it for Windows, Mac OS X, and several popular Linux distros at their website www.tonido.com.

What this clever program does is to setup a web server on your machine. Besides the money manager, there are programs for file and photo sharing, music playing and a bittorrent client. Upon initial use you setup a free account and receive a URL for your server. At this point you can access your data or share it from anywhere on the Internet with a web browser! As remarkable as that is there is more.

Codelathe markets a gadget they call the Tonidoplug. The plug has an embedded Linux distro, specifically Ubuntu 9.04. Besides the electrical plug (available for both European and North American standards) the plug has only two connectors, a USB port and an ethernet port. The idea is that you store data you want available on the Internet on a USB storage device and cable it to the plug. Use the ethernet port to connect to your hub or router. The embedded Linux runs the server so you do not need to be running it on your regular machine or even have your regular machine turned on! The Tonidoplug is priced at $99 (US) and equivalent euros.

With the free server you can access the Tonido App Store to keep the installed programs up to date or to buy new ones as they are developed. This is similar to the concept used by Apple on the iPhone. Do not expect many more free apps from Codelathe but the current free apps are well worth the download. This is a great way to share files. Unlike Dropbox and Ubuntu One, all your shared files are stored on a local device without a limitation on size before additional cost.

Get it today!

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