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Lucid Lynx – A Wild Cat

There seems to be some controversy over Canonical’s decision to move the windows contol buttons from the right side to the left side of the screen in the next release (Lucid Lynx). Personally, as an occassiol Mac user, it matters little to me where the controls are located, Canonical has clearly stated that over the next few years Ubuntu will evolve to a point where it will be comparable to the Mac OS X. I often tell friends that using Ubuntu is like having a poor man’s Apple.

Apple names Mac OS X releases after wild jungle cats, Jaquar, Tiger, Leopard and etc. A Lynx is a genus of medium sized wild cats. If future Ubuntu releases are to be more Mac-like in look and feel then this is certainly an apprpriate release in which to make that change.

The GNOME desktop is highly customizable. If it happens that you prefer the window controls to remain on the right this click here for instructions on how to use the GNOME Configuration Editor to make that change. Alternately if you have the latest version of Ailurus installed it can make the change for you.

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