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The Date Calculator – iPhone App Review

Not many of my readers have pressed the Buy Me A Beer button so I have taken on a temporary job as a 2010 Census Enumerator.

The enumeration activity involves determining how old a person was on April 1, 2010. There are several iPhone/iPad apps that will calculate the days from a person’s birth date until April 1, 2010. Having that number, dividing by 365 will result in the person’s age on April 1. For awhile, I was using one of these plus a simple calculator.

The Date Calculator provides the answer without the need of a second calculator. Simply input April 1, 2010 as the ending date and then as many birthdays as the starting date as you wish. The app will correctly report each person’s age in years, months and days as of April 1.

If you are involved in an activity that involves calendar dates and counting days between or days until or after, this simple app will make your job easier and worth the buck that the developer is asking for it.

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