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Karmic To Lucid – A Few Bumps 3

After my horrible experience upgrading from Jaunty to Karmic (I skipped Intrepid) I swore I would never again be an early adopter of an Ubuntu release. I had intended to wait about two months before upgrading. However, in the past few weeks since the release since the official release I had read no negative comments on tuxmachines. I had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon so I decided to take the plunge.

Prior to the upgrade I made sure that my Karmic system and all my installed apps were as up to date as possible. Then I backed up my my installed apps with APTonCD. Fortunately, this was not needed but it gave me comfort in knowing that I had some level of recovery in case something went wrong. The upgrade proceeded without problems unlike the upgrade to Karmic that aborted and left with me with many days of cleanup work. There were a few questions about whether to keep certain configuration files that had been created by third party software. Not being certain on how to answer, I simply opted to keep them believing that I could resolve any problems at a later time.

At the start of the upgrade, Ubuntu informed me that third party repositories would be disabled. I would have to manually re-enable them after the upgrade. This is where I encountered the “bumps”. I have over a dozen third party repositories enabled. The upgrade took a little over an hour to complete. But then there remained the repository update. Simply re-enabling the repositories did not work. The authentication keys were lost in the upgrade. A little research on the Internet taught me how to regain a lost key. This added about another two hours to the upgrade.

I am not criticizing Ubuntu for this upgrade necessity. I am simply calling it to my readers attention. It is part of the upgrade process. The Synaptic Package Manager will inform you of disabled repositories. Go to the Settings tab and click on Repositories. Re-enable them one by one, editing and changing the distribution information to “lucid”. Then “reload” the repositories. It is at this point that you will encounter problems involving authentication keys, missing repositories and other problems.

Ubuntu improves a bit with each release. This release is no exception. I recommend that all Ubuntu users do the upgrade as long as their equipment permits it.

3 thoughts on “Karmic To Lucid – A Few Bumps

  1. Reply Michael May 27,2010 9:15 am

    Rather than use Synaptic… why not use:

    update-manager -d

    to allow the update-manager to do the upgrade from one release to the next. I have never had this fail (except in alpha and beta releases).

  2. Reply don May 27,2010 2:02 pm

    Synaptic is a graphical front end to numerous commands regarding package management. The end result is the same. It’s a matter of personal preference. I tend to make typos using a terminal so it’s normally faster for me to use Synaptic. On the other hand, when I am dealing with authentication issues a command line seems simpler.

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