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The Pulse News Reader

During the past week the New York Times requested Apple to remove The Pulse News Reader from the Apple iPad App store claiming that it was stealing their content. Apple briefly complied but then returned the app to the store. Several questions immediately come to mind.

Was the complaint justified?

Absolutely not. The distribution of content is the nature of the Internet. It’s all about information and sharing it. Now a good journalist will identify the source of his/her information. The Pulse gives you the ability to subscribe to the New York Times RSS feed. It makes no claims that any content is original. Fortunately, Apple was quick to realize that the complaint had no basis.

Is The Pulse News Reader Really Good?

That depends on how you like the news delivered. If you are the type of person that follows specific web sites then it is a good choice. At this time it does have a limit of 20 sites. That should be enough for most people.

For myself, I like a less specific browser. In a recent post I talked about SkyGrid, a news app that I really like. For me, the $4 I spent on The Pulse may not have been well spent. This is not a criticism of the app, it’s just the way I like to do things. Sympathetic readers can click on the “Buy Me A Beer” button near the bottom of the page!

Should We Bow To Chairman Jobs?

Make no mistake about it, I love my Apple products.  However, Apple dictates what goes into them and how they can be used. The devices are crippled. Yes, you can “jailbreak” them, but the next OS upgrade reverses the jailbreak! The popularity of the Apple devices is already spawning competitors. We are already seeing Linux powered smartphones (Android), and by the end of the year we will have Linux tablets as well.

My iPad, like any other computer, should be good for about two years. Will it’s replacement be another iPad? It might be. then again, it might not!

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