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Just Another Linux User

My regular readers have undoubtedly notice a “hiatus” in my posting of articles. Let me explain, as this will introduce today’s Linux discussion.

A death in my family (my mother) resulted in my inheriting a nice home in southwest Florida. My girlfriend, now my wife, Mary retired from her employment and we are both relocating to the new home. Mary is a heavy computer user. She relies on the Internet for family communication via email and Facebook, and for gathering information using search engines. There was a problem. Mary had never used anything but Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer. And of course there were no Microsoft products at the new home. I gave Mary some choices. She could use the Apple desktop running OS X or the Toshiba laptop running Ubuntu Linux. For a browser Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome were installed on both computers and Safari also was on the Apple equipment.

We started off on the Apple and the Chrome browser. She liked Google Chrome immediately. Just a few questions on how to get around in Mac OS X. A few days later I had the Apple tied up and she wanted to get online. She asked about the laptop. I warned her that it was a Linux machine. She replied that she was willing to try it. I booted the machine and showed her how to use the drop down menu to launch Chrome. In a minute or two we were both doing our online activities.

The following day was even easier. She simply asked if I would be needing the laptop? I said “No, go ahead and use it.” With no instruction at all she booted up and was quickly online. There were some photos in her camera that she wanted to email. I introduced her to F-Spot and in a few minutes the task was accomplished.

The point is, that all three OS’s are equally easy. Yes, there is a “learning curve” for general computer usage. but once you’ve completed it you can be comfortable with any OS. The myth that “Linux is hard to learn” is being quickly dispelled as more people like Mary simply try it out.

When Mary’s Windows desktop gets moved to the home she wants to leave Windows on it… for a while anyway. Eventually a virus will bring it down.

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