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Forgetting Things

There are times when a simple “To Do” list can be extremely useful. Last year I moved into a new home. Aside from numerous address changes, there were several remodeling projects, each involving a series of tasks that needed to be accomplished. While I could have made a pencil and paper checklist, I knew that my messy work station would quickly eat it and I also knew that a little searching would reveal an app for my iPad or my desktop. Ideally, I would find one for both that would sync between the two. I was pleasantly surprised to find two such apps.

The first I that I found is Things. Originally this was (and still is) a Mac application. The interface is very simple and elegant. The user names a project and lists all the tasks associated with the project. Activities are described, due dates are assigned and high priority tasks are identified. Mac users can download and tryout Things for 15 days before they need to register it. If you like it, you can also download the companion app for your iPhone or iPad. There is little to criticize about this app except for its price. The desktop edition costs $49.99. The companion iPhone/iPad apps cost $10/$20 respectively. At these prices I would reconsider pencil and paper.

The second that I found is Wunderlist. In the above description of Things, if you replace the word “project” with the word “list”, you will have an accurate description of Wunderlist.  At their website the devlopers have provded links to both Mac and Windows desktop apps, companion iPhon/iPad apps, promise an Android app and an app tat wlll work via a web browser. Surprisingly, the price of all this functionality is FREE! For Windows users this is a no-brainer. For Mac users it’s almost a no-brainer unless you have very deep pockets. Try them both, as I have, and if you disagree please post a comment!



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