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Book Review – Ubuntu Pocket Guide

Keir Thomas is a computer book author. Most of his books center on Ubuntu about which he exhibits considerable expertise. He has done something a little unusual. He has written a small (around 150 pages) handbook for Ubuntu. The unusual thing is that he is giving away the pdf ebook version for FREE! The idea is that if you like the ebook enough you might ante up the $10 he is asking for the hardcopy.

I have downloaded the book from his website UbuntuPocketGuide as you can and I have browsed through it. For a small volume it is jam packed with an astonishing amount of information and instruction. Only a “power user” could possibly brag that he or she already knew the entire content of this book. I picked up a useful tip or two just in browsing. I highly recommend  this download. When the Windows crowd learns about this maybe we can we can make a few more converts.

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