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Three Productivity Tools I Could Live Without

There are some things in life that you can live without but why would you want to? Especially when they are FREE!

Virtual Desktops

The taskbar can get crowded and unorganized. Virtual Desktops have the effect that you are sitting in front of several computers at one time. On one computer you’re watching your email, on another you’re web surfing and on another you’re using a terminal. Yes, you can do this on the taskbar but it’s more efficient to use three desktops. Most Linux distros enable at least two desktops by default easily extendable to more (I like three). Windows users can install a third party application. Microsoft offers a “power toy” that provides four desktops but better yet go to virtuawin for a free utility that will provide up to nine.


Apple invented this idea years ago and it’s included in every Apple OS release during the last nine years. Apple now holds a patent on it, but I doubt that you will get sued for using a third party dock in Windows or Linux. A dock is a graphical program launcher. It sits on your desktop with icons for the programs that you use the most. Forget the Windows “Start” menu, forget the Linux “Applications” menu, just click on the icon for your email, browser or whatever. Windows and Linux users have several docks to choose from. As a Linux user I like the Cairo-Dock , Windows users should take a look at the freeĀ  Rocket Dock. Do a Google search for others.

Speed Dial Firefox Extension

This is a dock specific for your Firefox browser. It puts a pair of icons on your navigation toolbar. One configures, the other launches. You add your moat visited web pages to the dock. The dock displays sample page thumbnails or images of your choice so it’s a breeze to go where you want without fumbling through bookmarks. A nice little timesaver.

There you have it! None of these goodies are things you can’t live without. But I guarantee that if you install any one of them you’ll wonder how would you live without it!

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