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iOS 11 —– Is it enough?


The first iPad was released in the spring of 2010. It was a marvelous device. It was designed to be an accessory tp a desktop computer (Apple hoped that would be a Mac). The OS was simply an app drawer with few features. Dead simple. It was a huge success. But success breeds competition.

Fast forward to the present day in 2017. A powerful competitor has emerged in the form of Android. Android was designed to be a mobile OS. The first few releases of Android were buggy, giving Apple the opportunity to catch up. In the intervening seven years, the app drawer gained folders and became searchable. Multitasking improved with a tabbed view enabling users to switch between apps quickly and work in split windows, The Notification Center be customizable with Apple style widgets. Apple releases a “Pro” line of the iPad and boldly suggests that it can be an alternative to a desktop computer. And, as I write this, Apple has released version 11 of iOS with numerous new features.

There is much to like in iOS 11. Multitasking is dead simple with the aid of the new dock. The gesture to bring up recent apps and the Control Center is extremely useful. The Improved keyboard with flickable numbers and symbols is questionable, Despite practice, most of my flicks don’t work. I much prefer the SwiftKey keyboard which now has a clipboard manager included.

The value of the new Files app is also questionable. From the start there have been third party apps that attempted and succeeded in being file managers. Currently, Documents 6 and Filemaster are good examples.

The Notification Center widgets are good but none are floating and Android remains superior on that point. Browsers remain crippled with no extensions or add-ons.

And, of course, the Apple app store remains the only store in town. I don’t fault Apple for this because this is part of how Apple earns their income. I do find fault with Apple’s censorship of the apps. No tormenting, no YouTube downloading and etc. Even if I don’t engage in these activities, I am uncomfortable with Apple wanting to be my guardian.

In the tablet market Apple either lost some existing customers or many new potential customers chose Android instead. That’s the nature of competition. Apple no longer dominant the market. Their new line of tablets and iOS 11 are not innovations but are necessities for Apple’s continuing success. The battle between Apple and Android has certainly heated up and the coming months will be indexed interesting.

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